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Silver's Song can be

purchased as an

1)Ebook with narration and songs on (4.99)

2) ordered as a hard or soft copy book at (17.99 and 12.00)

3) downloaded as an audio book and songs for $8.99 at:

4) purchase CDs from me at:


Happy Listening!



Album Notes

Silver's Song is a story and collection of songs that were first written as part of my own healing journey. My hope is that this story would promote healing for children and adults that have been bullied and often felt unloved and rejected by their peers or family. The songs have simple uplifting lyrics and melodies to heal the soul and bring joy to the listener. Silver, the giant loving eagle, who represents God, teaches young Sarah, about the power of unconditional love and forgiveness. All of the songs in the audio story use the name Silver; however, three of the songs that are included in the album come with a "Jesus" version as well. 

There is a saying that it is easier to build children than to repair adults. So many children and adults, myself included, have had to battle verbal wounds and other abuses in early childhood. This divinely inspired story and collection of songs came to me during a sabbatical year from teaching in the inner city. During this time I got in touch with my own suppressed pain and grief. Listening to and singing these songs repeatedly allowed them to penetrate my pain and restore parts of my heart and soul. After several years of sharing my vision of Silver's Song with others, and collaborating with fellow artists, I am delighted to make this story and songs accessible to the public. My prayer is that this story and these songs would heal each listener and bring beauty from the ashes in their lives (Isaiah 61:3). "Love makes you beautiful" and "You were born to be a blessing."


Blessings of Love,



We were all created to give and receive love....may we become experts at it and create a legacy of LOVE!!


The only thing that matters is faith expressing itself in love. Galatians 5:6b

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