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1.Closet Audits:

   Let me help assess your personal style

 and organize your clothes and accessories,  

 create outfits and determine what styles

 and colors look best on you. 

 $75 per hour/ 2 hour minimum


2. Personal Shopping Assistance

  I will shop for you or with you to help you

  optimize  your sense of style and select clothing

  that suits your body type and accentuates your

  uniqueness and beauty.

  $75 hour/ 2 hour minimum



  What we wear can create a visual feast and make us a creative walking masterpiece.

When I was 4 years old, my mother paraded me around in fashion shows with the hand-sewn outfits she had created and developed my passion for fashion.I still love accessorizing, and playing dress up!




3. Restyling Clothing Items

 I will create a one of a kind unique creation

 out of your clothing items using jewelry, yarns, bling, buttons, etc. Prices will vary depending on the detail and complexity of the design.





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