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1.Closet Audits:

   Let me help assess your personal style and

   organize your clothes and accessories, create

   outfits and helping you determine what styles and

   colors look best on you. 

   $50 per hour/ 2 hour minimum


2. Personal Clothes Shopping Assistance

    I will shop for you or with you to help you

    optimize  your sense of style and select clothing

    that suits your body type and accentuates your

    uniqueness and beauty.

   $50 hour/ 2 hour minimum



     What people wear and how they publically present themselves can be another artform. We may become walking masterpieces and visual feasts.

From the time I was 3 years old I paraded around in fashion shows with the hand sewn outfits my mother created, adorning all of us siblings in matching clothes. It created my passion for fashion and love for accessorizing, and playing dress up,

    Besides selling restyled unique clothing like some of the designs in the photos I offer the following services:




3. Restyling Clothing Items

   I will create a one of a kind unique creation out of

   one of your clothing items using jewelry, yarns,

   bling,etc. Prices will vary depending on the detail

   and complexity of the design.





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