. Make cards, wine barrel signs, vision boards, kindness rocks, etc. All supplies included.

Call Maria for her downtown SR address at 707322-8002

1. Art lessons: Drawing and Painting


Ages 5 to adult

Learn the basics of drawing techniques and train your eye to see perspective, value, and textures.

Then apply these skills to paint in watercolor or acrylics to create landscapes, still lifes, portraits, etc.

Mondays 4 to 5 pm during the school year

$15 per class..start any Monday

supply list given upon registration and payment






2. FIne Art Summer Camps - 2022

                 June 20-24th


Come learn drawing and painting skills in a supportive

beautiful environment.

Complete a still-life, landscape, portrait, etc.

using watercolors and acrylic.

   10-12 pm/ ages 5 -adults    $100

contact me if interested in setting up a group camp  

      supply list sent after enrollment

3. Girls Fashion Camps - 2022

          June 27 to July 1st

Come learn what colors and styles look best on you, make jewelry and accessories, restyle and embellish your clothes, and end with a fashion show and a clothing/assecories exchange. 10-2 pm  $200


 ages 7 to 13.... gather your friends and do it together!


4. Vision Board Workshop


Create a visual collage of your hopes and dreams and learn about the power of displaying it and being daily inspired by it as it manifests into your reality. 


  3 hour class/ $ 30 per person/ fun to do with friends

  and family ( 4 person minimum)

  Private session 2 hour -$75


5. Birthday Parties/Just For Fun Parties

1. Art Party

Pick an art project for kids 5 to 12 (sand scuplture, tie dye, painting project, wire scuptures, clay ,jewelry, etc.) 

2 hour $15-25 per child/  5 to 10-max

2. Girl's dress up/accessory party

    (adult version too)

 Choose a theme, make accesories, restyle clothes

 and have fashion fun                              

2.5 hours $25 per child / 4-8 girls

Some of my budding artists

Some of my budding artists

A T-shirt designed by a student

A T-shirt designed by a student


3. Adult Painting Party

3 hours of painting fun!

Create a painting on canvas with your friends as you enjoy appetizers and wine.      Select from a variety of images

$35 per person/5 person minimum

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